ACM MM Grand Challenge on

Large-scale Human-centric Video Analysis in Complex Events

Track-3: Crowd Pose Tracking in Complex Events

Trackers with "(Baseline)" in the name are submitted by the HiEve team. Results are obtained by running their official code.

Team Name MOTA MOTP Total_AP
63.9686 52.8769 71.6342
Computer Vision Team. Seedland. ACM MM Grand Workshop
61.7941 54.9723 76.5478
L Yuan, S Chang, Z Huang, Y Zhou, Y Chen, YiTu & NUS. A Simple Baseline for Pose Tracking in Videos of Crowed Scenes. In ACM MM'20
56.9834 55.9895 66.2943
L Xu, R Xu, S Jin, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Pose Tracking in Crowded Scenes. In ACM MM'20
55.1543 52.3774 65.9403
Anonymous submission
53.7671 57.4751 64.0834
Anonymous submission
53.4193 51.3124 64.5252
Anonymous submission
52.2729 46.7100 63.0983
Anonymous submission
PoseFlow (Baseline)
44.1732 48.3287 60.1049
Y Xiu, J Li, H Wang, Y Fang, C Lu. Pose Flow: Efficient Online Pose Tracking. In BMVC, 2018
27.4550 58.1091 31.3207
Anonymous submission