ACM MM Grand Challenge on

Large-scale Human-centric Video Analysis in Complex Events


In this grand challenge, we focus on very challenging and realistic tasks of human-centric analysis in various crowd & complex events, including subway getting on/off, collision, fighting, and earthquake escape (cf. Figure. 1). To the best of our knowledge, few existing human analysis approaches report their performance under such complex events. With this consideration, we further propose a dataset (named as Human-in-Events or HiEve) with large-scale and densely-annotated labels covering a wide range of tasks in human-centric analysis.

Four challenging tracks are established on our dataset:

  • Track-1: Multi-person Motion Tracking in Complex Events
  • Track-2: Crowd Pose Estimation in Complex Events
  • Track-3: Crowd Pose Tracking in Complex Events
  • Track-4: Person-level Action Recognition in Complex Events

At the end of the Challenge, all teams will be ranked based on objective evaluation. The top-3 performing teams in each track will receive certificates and awards. At the same time, teams of high performance results are invited to submit challenge papers (4-pages) and present their solutions during the conference.

Figure 1: Samples of various complex events such as (a) dining in canteen, (b) earthquake, (c) getting-off train, and (d) bike collision.
(a) (b) (c) (d)


Weiyao Lin

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Guojun Qi

Machine Perception and Learning Lab, USA

Nicu Sebe

University of Trento, Italy

Ning Xu

Adobe Research,

Hongkai Xiong

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Mubarak Shah

University of Central Florida, USA


• October 15: NEW! Our grand challenge won the best Grand Challenge organization award in ACM Multimedia 2020!

• October 13: Our GC session will take place in ACM MM'20 on Oct.13 and Oct.15. The session time are listed here and the detailed login information to attend can be found here. Please feel free to attend our session.

• June 30: The challenge result has been released, please refer to the Top-5 teams or the complete LeaderBoard for detailed information.

• June 22: Result submission has been closed! The challenge result notification will be released in June 30, 2020.

• May 18: Result submission start!

• May 17: Registration for our challenge has been closed. However, we will re-open registration after the challenge (in around September). You are welcomed to use our HiEve dataset & website to evaluate your reseach works then.

• May 11: Testing dataset has been released.

• May 10: The paper for our dataset is released. Please click here to download.

• May 9: The deadlines of registration, result & paper submission have been exteneded. See Important Dates for details.

• May 4: Training dataset has been released.

• April 15: Registration for our challenge is now open.

• March 10: Website online.

Important Dates

Registration Open April 15, 2020
Training dataset released May 4, 2020
Testing dataset released May 11, 2020
Registration Close May 17, 2020 (was May 13, 2020)
Result submission start May 18, 2020
Result submission close June 22, 2020 (was June 15, 2020)
Challenge result notification June 30, 2020 (was June 22, 2020)
Paper submission deadline July 13, 2020 (was June 29, 2020)

Paper bib

The paper for our dataset is released. Please click here to download.