Challenge and Dataset on Large-scale Human-centric Video Analysis in Complex Events (HiEve)


You are allowed to submit your results only when you are registered. When registering, we ask all participants to provide their full name, institution and institutional email address (e.g.,,, After we receive your registration, we will send you an email including the account activation link. By clicking the activation link, your registration information will be sent to the administrator and we will check the validity of your registration information. If the registration is valid (i.e., you use your institutional email address to register and provide the necessary information), your account will be activated. The validity check will take about 2-12 hours. You will be notified about the registration results via email. Note that users from general email addresses such as, will not be activated.


Please be careful about the correct format and track of your submission, otherwise, no assurance is guaranteed that the results can be correctly evaluated. We encourage challengers to check the submission format with the format checking script here to ensure the correctness before submission. A waiting time of 72 hours must be observed between submissions. Each entry can be submitted up to 16 times per track, however, one submission with incorrect format (i.e., does not pass the format check step in our evaluation system) will not be counted as a valid trial and will not change the submission times left. Multi-account submission from one team is not allowed. We are actively monitoring submissions and we will exclude results in case this policy is violated.


It will take 5~20 minutes to evaluate your submission. The final results will be reported in the leaderboard (Detailed information about the evaluation metrics please refer to Tracks Page). If you have problems using them, you can send emails to humaninevents AT